Portugal’s History

Dining Excellence – Centuries In The Making

Portugal’s rich gastronomic history and culture

Portugal’s history has arguably created the most influential cuisine in the world today. In the 15th century, Portuguese explorers traversed the globe and were introduced to flavours and spices from as diverse regions as South America, the Far East, India, and Africa.

After each trip, new and exciting foods were introduced to willing Portuguese cooks. Each new spice, herb, pepper, fruit, or other foodstuff enriched and expanded the nation’s larder and gave Portugal’s cuisine distinct flavours not found anywhere else on the continent.

These ingredients were then traded around the world via Portugal’s domination of the spice trade and changed the way the world cooked and ate.

Black pepper and exotic fruits, including tomatoes, were brought back to Europe. Chillies became an integral part of Indian cuisine, tempura-style frying was popularised in Japan, and Brazilian peppers and cashews landed in Africa.

Saffron, nutmeg, and paprika became intertwined with other Mediterranean dishes, and, most notably, the piri-piri African bird’s eye chilli pepper became the signature ingredient in Gambas.

Today, The Algarve Restaurant prides itself on providing a beautiful blend of old-world charm and timeless elegance. We add a progressive and aesthetic slant to our ingrained knowledge of food and devise bold flavours and creative presentations that bring the ultimate dining experience.

Without fail, every tourist that visits Portugal waxes lyrical about the food and wine. The Algarve serves only the freshest and most authentic cuisine, designed to take you right back to Portugal!

The Algarve Restaurant

Dining Excellence – Centuries In The Making