9 Lunch Menu

This menu is available Monday to Friday between 11:30AM to 17:00PM

Garden saffron rice with mixed peppers, olives, mushrooms, carrots, courgettes, mixed beans, chick peas, and seasonal vegetables.£7.00

Choice of eggs between Omelette, fried, scrambled, poached, sauteed new potatoes, grilled tomato and mushrooms.£6.00

Allergens:, dairy, eggs

Charcoal corn fed chicken in a spicy moist piripiri marinade, algarvian style, fries, mixed salad£7.00

1/4 Chicken

Choice of minute beef sirloin or pork steak, in a deliciously smooth garlic sauce, topped with a fried egg, fries, mix salad.£10.00

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, sulphides

Juicy golden hake supreme, fries, mixed salad, tartar sauce, grilled lemon.£8.50

Allergens:, eggs, gluten, wheat flour (gluten)

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