8 Desserts

Our Portuguese cheese board features a buttery sheep cheese, cured goat’s cheese, and half-cured cow’s cheese. Accompanied by quincy jam, dry fruits, grapes, and rustic bread£11.50

(Gluten free available by order)., Allergens:, dairy

Ice Cream Trio – Assorted Flavours, Three Scoops£6.50

Allergens: dairy

Lemon creme brulee served with a lemon Biscuit and zesty lemon cream£6.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, wheat flour (gluten)

Port wine cream caramel with smoked shortbread and fresh strawberries£6.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, sulphites, wheat flour (gluten)

Portuguese custard tart with a rich vanilla ice cream and a cinnamon crumble£6.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, wheat flour (gluten)

Velvet chocolate mousse, cream, and wild berries£6.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs

The Algarve Restaurant

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