2 Starters

portuguese cured meat platter, assorted charcuterie, marinated artichokes, olives, smoked sausage cake£15.00

Allergens: chourico (nitrates), sulphites, wheat flour (gluten)

codfish duo, codfish ceviche, codfish cakes, watercress, black eyed beans salad£11.00

Allergens:, eggs, sulphites, wheat flour (gluten)

tartelette of game meat sausage, spinach, broken egg£9.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, nitrates, wheat flour (gluten)

Portuguese fresh cheese in a bed of watercress, marinated artichokes and olives£8.50

Allergens: dairy, sulphites

Baked garlic buttery sheep cheese, carrots and cucumbers sticks, dried fruits, grapes and rustic bread (To Share)£17.00

Allergens:, dairy, nuts, wheat flour (gluten)

Lightly Battered Fried Green Beans, Mushrooms, Courgettes, and Peppers, Served with a Tartar Sauce and Lemon£8.50

Allergens:, wheat flour (gluten)

Sauteed wild mushrooms and aromatic herbs with a Porto wine reduction£8.50

Allergens:, dairy, sulphites, wheat flour (gluten)

Lightly battered fried mixed seafood, calamari, prawns, codfish fritter. Served with tartar sauce and lemon.£11.00

Allergens:, calamari, eggs, prawns, wheat flour (gluten)

Traditional Flame Grilled Chourico (Portuguese Smoked Sausage), Served with Smoked Sausage Cake£9.00

Allergens:, nitrates

A Combination of Smoked Grilled Sausages, Chourico, Morcela, and Farinheira; All Topped with Serrano Ham, Grilled Tomatoes,Mushrooms and Smoked Sausage Cake£13.00

Allergens:, nitrates

Octopus cold salad in a vinaigrette sauce, with chopped red onions and fresh parsley leaves, served with a white wine vinegar and olive oil£9.50

Allergens:, octopus, sulphides

Fresh clams simmered in olive oil, garlic, coriander, bay leaves, finished with a dry white wine, lemon£9.50

Allergens:, fresh clams, sulphides

Fresh mussels simmered with tomato, onions, mixed peppers, fresh coriander, white wine sauce£9.00

Allergens:, mussels, sulphides

Combination of Cold Mix Beans in a Green Vinaigrette Sauce£8.00

Allergens:, sulphites

shelled-off or on pan fried large red king prawns in garlic, white wine, chilli butter£9.50

Allergens:, butter (dairy), prawns, sulphites

shelled-off large red king prawns cooked in a sizzling garlic olive oil£9.00

Add Chourico: £2, Allergens: chourico (nitrates), prawns, sulphites

A combination of Portuguese fried finger foods, chilli mayo£8.50

Allergens:, dairy, eggs, nitrates, prawns, sulphides, wheat flour (gluten)

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