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the algarve restaurant

The Algarve is a family-run Potters Bar restaurant; and that family has decades of experience running four restaurants, all situated in the world heritage site Sintra, near Lisbon. Our owner, Pedro Silva will greet you front of house. “I have grown up in restaurants, they are in my blood” says Pedro. “When diners eat their lunch in Portugal the main conversation is ‘what are we having for dinner!’ “he adds. “We are bringing that love of food and the whole experience of dining to the UK.”

Located at 40 The Broadway, our centrally located Potters Bar restaurant comfortably serves 46 covers and the décor combines traditional Portuguese style with an added modern elegance. Our Head Chef is a Portuguese national who’s enjoyed international acclaim at home, in the UK, and in the USA.

We do not have a house wine – they are all ours and are all imported direct from a number of Portuguese regions. We have taken special care in ensuring these wines are particularly agreeable to UK diners.

Portuguese wine was first introduced to the region by ancient civilizations, such as the Phoenicians and Greeks and mostly the Romans.  Modern exports developed with trade to England as early as 1703.

A wide variety of wines started to be grown in Portugal which now has two wine-producing regions protected by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites; the Douro Valley and the Pico Island Wine Region. Portugal has an extensive and varied selection of wines, all with distinctive personalities.

When celebrity chef James Martin was presented with our Porta 6 wine on his popular BBC cooking show, he said it was one of the best reds he’d tried in the 10 years he’d worked on the programme! You can enjoy the clip here: https://youtu.be/opWLTJ9hIs8

The Algarve Restaurant

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